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Dairy Constructions are see url the industry leaders in the design and construction of highly efficient infrastructure for milk harvesting, animal housing, calf rearing and feedpad solutions.

purchase Seroquel online The Dairy Constructions team are the industry authority on cow flow and dedicated to delivering first class results on every project.


Dairy Constructions ability to project manage large scale dairy developments has enabled the company to become the leader in delivery of total dairy infrastructure projects within Australia. The Dairy Constructions team have delivered over 100 dairy Australian dairy projects with a value of over $60m.

10 Questions We Are Often Asked

Building new dairy infrastructure involves critical timelines, technology choices and significant financial outlay.
If you’re investigating a new project, you will most likely have many questions that need to be addressed.
Find answers to the top 10 questions we’re frequently asked below and then get in touch to find out more.

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ABOUT US A history of leadership…

Privately owned and with a broad Australian and International portfolio, Dairy Constructions has become the industry leader in the provision of turn key dairy services – from green field planning through to large scale milk harvesting and herd management systems.

With more than 80 years of combined dairy industry and construction experience, the founders of Dairy Constructions have built the business on solid strategic partnerships, careful planning and strong values – we say what we do and we do what we say.

The business continues to enjoy strong growth due to our track record of delivering Australia’s best value facilities on time and on budget.

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Our range of products are tailored to suit either greenfield construction or renovations to existing facilities. The featured products and projects linked to the images below showcase how the experience of the Dairy Constructions team adds value to every farm.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to deliver a corporate solution or modernise your existing infrastructure by replacing platforms, adding offices, adjusting entry and exit fencing, extending yards, adding or altering backing gates – no job is too big or too small and we’ll deliver a project that will exceed your expectations.


Client-MarkMiersSml“Dairy Constructions fixed pricing allowed me complete confidence and made them the low risk option. I viewed a number of their previous projects and I knew exactly what I was going to receive, exactly how long it was going to take and exactly what is was going to cost. I was completely free to continue running my farm. Dairy Constructions completed all the engineering, planning and design work and dealt with the council throughout the project. I had complete peace of mind and the facility is Tasmania’s finest.”

follow url Mark Miers Clovelly Farms, TAS.

“We selected DC to complete our project due to their ability to deliver the highest standard in an open and transparent fashion. Their quotation was detailed, competitive and delivered as promised without deviation. We are very happy with our project delivered by Dairy Constructions.“

see Sam Hop, ACE Dairies.

Client-HelenWebsterSml“With Dairy Constructions I saved tens of thousands of dollars! I completely “de-risked” my project. Dairy Constructions assumed all risk and all responsibility for delivering my project. There were no cost overruns and no delays. They delivered over and above what they promised in the allocated timeframe.“


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My milking times have halved and my milk production has increased. Cow flow is exceptional and makes our lives so much easier. We actually milk more cows, receive more milk from our cows in less time which leaves us more free time. Not only is our dairy running more efficiently our farm is also operating better than it ever has.” Glen Dohnt, Dohnt Family.

10 Questions We Are Often Asked

How come someone else said I can build my new dairy for less?

At Dairy Constructions, we leave no ‘stone unturned’ when it comes to disclosing ALL related costs associated with building a new milk harvesting facility or barn. You will get a concise appraisal and quotation detailing all aspects of the project which is delivered through a ‘Master Builders’ contract and ‘Registered Commercial Builders” guarantees. Dairy Constructions is the only company in the industry that offers a complete service to our clients delivering solutions that incorporate projects that commence with a ‘green-field site’ and end with the first load of milk leaving the farm. We deliver what we quote “on time & on budget” with no hidden extra’s or impost on the owner.

What is the most efficient dairy to milk large herds?

Whether it is a Herringbone Rapid Release double-up dairy, or a Rotary system, much comes down to personal choice. Cow flow & milking speed and efficiency is paramount to any operation and can be affected by many factors when considering a new milking parlor. Farm layout, dairy location, cow lane access, vehicle & personal access, dairy & yard design, plant & equipment and of course budgets & succession plans are but a few factors to be taken into consideration when choosing the right milk harvesting facility for your operation.

How long does it take to build my new dairy?

Dairy Constructions is a licenced ‘Master Builder” and a registered ‘Commercial Building Contractor”. We work to fixed price and build-time contracts that give customers the peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with professionals. Depending on the complexity of the project the average duration for the completed facility, from a ‘green-field site” to milking the first cow, is 7-12 weeks. We pride ourselves on promptness and recognize the importance of delivering each project “On-time & On-budget”.

What are the benefits of a rapid release dairy in comparison to a conventional herringbone?

Herringbone dairies have been the mainstay of the industry for 50+ years and still remain the most popular type of milk harvesting facilities. However, in recent years advancements in technology & engineering has seen the herringbone dairy reach new milestones in cow throughput, milking efficiency and animal & operator comfort. Rapid release over conventional dairies have efficiency gains and other key benifits, but the individuals specific requirements and goals must be considered along with budgets associated with this type of facility.

Would I be better off renovating my old dairy instead of building a new one?

Many factors surrounding the prospect of extending or renovating an existing facility must be considered before undertaking this task. Suitability of the site, access, structural integrity, electrical, plumbing, plant & equipment, longevity, future plans for expansion,,,etc, are just some of the points that must be reviewed in depth when planning the up-grading of existing facilities.

How long will it take to milk cows in a rotary dairy?

Since the introduction of the rotary milking system to Australia, many farming operations have chosen to adopt this type of milk harvesting system. Rotary dairies are noted for their milking speed, productivity and efficiency whilst maintaining an excellent environment for both cows & operators. The size of the milking herd and the number of allocated staff to run the facility are two main qualifying criteria when determining the size/capacity of the rotary facility.
Cow flow & milking speed and efficiency is paramount to any operation and can be affected by many factors when considering a new rotary milking parlor. Farm layout, dairy location, cow lane access, vehicle & personal access, dairy & yard design, plant & equipment are just some of the considerations when choosing a system for your farming enterprise.
Dairy Constructions has computer models to calculate approximate cow throughput specific to each individual farming system..

How will a feed pad improve production and help cow health?

As herd sizes in Australia grow larger and climatic conditions become more unpredictable, the need for more efficient animal feeding has grown. Dairy Constructions has the knowledge and network from the best in the world to deliver feed pads, free stall barns and associated structures to service the smallest to the largest of herds in Australia.
Benefits that a Dairy Constructions feed pad can offer are minimal feed waste, increased feed intake, ensuring quality of feed, increased milk production, better animal welfare, better utilization of pasture, controlled diet, expandability and safe working environment.