Herringbone Dairies

From 10 units to 100 units, Herringbone dairies offer the operator a multitude of options and configurations to harvest milk efficiently, promote excellent cow flow and maintain premium operator comfort and safety:

  • Flexible approach 100%
  • Trade specification and fixed pricing 100%
  • Cow flow experts 100%

Latest Project

go site http://acps.cat/financament/ Features and Benefits:

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  • Rapid Release herringbone facilities:
  • End-Exit herringbone facilities
  • Double Up systems
  • Swing Over systems
  • Individual stalls allow cows to milk and feed in a calm and relaxed environment
  • Systems capable of milking large herds efficiently with two people
  • Reduces manpower requirements
  • Cost effective for medium-sized herds
  • Designed and built for comfort, strength, safety and endurance
  • Low maintenance
  • Various stall systems & dimensions
  • Variety of milk harvesting solutions
  • Variety of designs and equipment configurations
  • Clearpan design provides a floor area clear of posts