Freestall Barns

As herd sizes in Australia grow larger and climatic conditions become more unpredictable, the need for more efficient feeding has grown. Dairy Constructions has the knowledge and network from the best in the world to deliver free stall barns and associated structures to service the smallest to the largest of herds in Australia.

  • Design specialists 100%
  • Council applications 100%
  • Total project solutions 100%

Latest Project

see wwwautopzionibinarie Features and Benefits:
  • Minimal feed waste
  • Increased feed intake
  • Ensuring quality of feed
  • Increased milk production
  • Low environmental impact
  • Better utilization of pasture
  • Better cow condition and health
  • Efficient cow flow
  • Efficient vehicle movement / personal movement
  • Cleanability – Flood washing / dry scraping
  • Effluent management and utilization